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Technical Animation - Forensic Animation - Spatial Analysis - System Engineering

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GIS -ESRI ArcGIS/Spatial Analyst/Viewshed Analysis
Planned sensor coverage analysis with ESRI based tools. Predictive viewshed detection coverage of a human target using terrain and LiDAR elevation models. In this version the viewshed is contoured by color bands indicating the required sensor declination angle for each point.

GIS -ESRI ArcGIS - Cartography
Engineering planning map for potential border security technology and communications (note: planning shown is hypothetical and not implemented or planned). Map content required LiDAR data, field survey, digitizing locally maintained paper maps, and feature extraction of undocumented roads, power lines, and landmarks.

Web Design, Logo, and Dynamic Banner
A corporate internet web site design and secure Linux hosted site. Includes HTML, Flash, and a Macromedia Dreamweaver Template solution which provides design team and administration collaboration advantages.

PACOM C4ISR Snapshot Status Prototype- 100% Macromedia Flash GUI design. Status is periodically updated by an XML feed to Flash. Note that the entire display is vector based for sharp display at any display or resolution; command center wall display to a hand held device. Test it out! Click the image to open a new browser, then resize your browser after it loads! Note the text and all graphics adjust smoothly and proportionally. The flash file is just 39k in size.

Web Design, Flash navigation and dynamic banner
Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology

    - Developed using Macromedia Flash
Secondary pages (not shown) are developed with Cold Fusion providing dynamic information, calendars, conferences, and other colaboration information for Virginia based high technology businesses.

FAA Air Tranportation Operations Specifications
 - Prototype for overhaul of
     - Government 508 Directive Accessibility Design
     - Plans for dynamic site design and document management

     - Boeing 747 and header graphic created using 3ds Max & Photoshop

FEMA Director of Terrorism Preparedness Prototype*
 - Prototype for hosting at FEMA
     - Dreamweaver, Cold Fusion, SQL Server, IIS
     - Government 508 Directive Accessibility Design

*note: developed in 2000 well before 9/11


BTG Ideas Accelerator Business Group Prototype Portal
     - Entry page with navigation completely done in Flash
     - A group intranet portal and web capabilities demonstration
U.S. Census Higher Education Survey
    - Secure survey with public respondent login
    - All Macromedia Flash design, java servlet back end
    - Production survey successfully implemented as first Flash based technology proof of concept for U.S. Census in 2000
OME Magazine
    - Dynamic banner design for DOD contract
    - Cross browser compatible and fast load requirements met with 80kb banner
BTG Intranet Program for Employees - A web page header developed using Macromedia Flash
A local retailer Web Prototype and IT Management Proposal

BTG Conference Booth Static Display and Video

Underwater animation developed using 3ds Max and Adobe Photoshop

Wright Brothers 1903 Flyer Animation

In preparation for the 100 year celebration of manned powered flight a digital version of the flyer was developed in 3ds Max based on Smithsonian records. The goal is to provide an educational/historical realistic depiction of the flights, flight paths, and surrounding Kitty Hawk environment from the four historic flights on December 17.
Sample Video of Flyer still "under construction" 5.8mb

BTG Proposal Video Introduction- Joint Chiefs

Recognizable building accurately modeled in 3ds Max. Wireframe and rendered versioned flyouts of this building used for multiple graphics and animation purposes.

note: the building name is now suppressed in this description to avoid search engine results and thwart undesired visitors hunting for this building details I do not have nor wish to share.

Reserve Component Automation System

U.S Army Reserve and National Guard
Program overview video for Capital Hill Demonstration

Military Operations Research Society (MORS) Conference '98
Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA
Multimedia Presentation video

Developed using 3DS Max, Questar World Construction Set, and USGS DEM data for Monterey area

BTG Ideas Accelerator Introduction Video
Reserve Component Automation System
U.S Army Reserve and National Guard
Interior Design
  - Architectural Visualization, Boeing Facility, Vienna, VA

Reserve Component Automation System

1999 program overview video - 3 minutes


Conference Booth Prototype Planning


Coin design and prototype
Reserve Component Automation System

U.S Army Reserve and National Guard


Logo Design/Enhancement
Reserve Component Automation System

U.S Army Reserve and National Guard

GIS - MapInfo - ESRI ArcGIS

mabon server